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Artists fail not because of their lack of talent but lack of support & resources.

We are here to change that.

Defining Movement Inc is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help artists take their next steps. With a community center, an in-school intro to dance program, and events, Defining Movement is constantly building up the community through dance and arts. Defining Movement’s goal is to provide artists with these programs at affordable prices. Currently, there is not a venue that offers these street style classes to youth in the Central Florida area. Defining Movement Foundation will also have an after-school program where youth can spend their time away from home, take classes in the arts, and get tutoring if needed.

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We are currently looking for a Board Secretary and a Board Member with non-profit experience.

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Internship opportunities are a great way to gain real work and life experience while still on your learning journey. 

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Our dance program focusing specifically on breaking, one of the five elements of Hip Hop. We provide weekly training sessions, coaching, and athlete sponsorships for the Olympics.

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