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guidance kids

guidance kids

Summer session now close.

Dance classes return Aug 2024!

guidance kids is an introductory dance program designed for children, ranging 3 years of age and up,  throughout schools in Central Florida. 

Our goal is to not only provide a solid foundation of what it means to be a dancer but to also help out students explore their creativity. To provide a well-rounded lesson, our curriculum also incorporates a proper warmup, cooldown exercises, culture, and dance history. Additionally, we encourage teamwork, confidence, individuality, and of course, fun!

Dance sessions are six weeks long and are offered multiple times throughout the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Classes are 30 minutes, take place once a week, and are built into students' regular school hours. Registration can be found here before each session. 

Have a dance party at home! Click the button to hear the guidance kids playlist on Apple Music.

more. than. dance



Dance promotes neurological development, improves communication, an encourages good habits and art appreciation.



Dance keeps your child fit, improves flexibility and balance, and helps develop special awareness.



Dance is a release, boosts confidence, and keeps your child motivated and inspired.

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