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at Trinity Lutheran

Step 1:  What you need to know


gu•idance kids is an element of defining [move•ment], a non-profit based in Florida dedicated to cultivating the arts community by equipping artists with the knowledge, tools, and support needed for them to take their next step.


Fall Schedule 

Session 1:

Sept 11 - Oct 17, 2023

Session 2:

Oct 30 - Dec 5, 2023 

Observation week: Dec 4 & 5


 3:15 - 3:45 Creativity & Exploration & Otters 

 3:55 - 4:25 Discovery & Adventure


3:00 - 3:30 Ladybugs & Gifted Gardners & Turtles

*Class days/times are predetermined & organized by classroom.


123 E Livingston St. Orlando 

Trinity Lutheran School & Church.

School Gym


Step  1. Register

Step  2. Submit payment 


Session 1: $40

Session 2:  $40

Full Semester Price: $80

Step 3. An introductory email will be sent containing further information. Please keep our email for your records should you need to contact us. 

Step 4: Get your child ready to have fun!

Class Description:

gu•idance kids is an introductory dance program designed for children ranging, 3 years of age and up, throughout schools in Central Florida. Our goal is to not only provide a solid foundation of what it means to be a dancer but to also help our students explore their creativity. To provide a well-rounded lesson, our curriculum also incorporates proper warm-up, cool-down exercises, culture, and dance history. Additionally, we encourage teamwork, confidence, individuality, and of course, fun!


Elements included in our program:

  • Introduction to breaking aka breakdance

  • Hip-Hop grooves & bounces

  • Freestyle

  • Creative movement

  • Body awareness & control

  • Classroom etiquette

  • Performance Training 

Who can sign up:

Ages 3 - 5 only in these classrooms:

Creativity, Exploration, Discovery, Adventure, Frogs (starting in January), Ladybugs, Gardners, Turtles, Otters

COVID Protocols:

  • Masks optional  

  • Hand sanitizer available 

  • Dance classes will take place in the school gym. 

  • Each classroom will stay in their group.

Class Attire:

Please have your child wear comfortable clothing. Please have them wear shorts under any dresses or skirts. For the safety of all our dancers, sneakers/closed-toe shoes are required.



To contact us please email

Step 2: Register 

Registration for  Trinity Lutheran Teachers 
gu•idance kids

*Please be sure to have the correct birthdate

*Dancers must be 3 years old when they sign up for class. 


I consent to the release of defining movement's dance program, gu•idance kids, their officers' agents, employees, and staff from any and all liabilities. Tuition may not be prorated for any missed classes or days. I understand gu•idance kids may combine, cancel, or provide substitutes for any class at their decision. I understand tuition is non-refundable.

Trinity Classroom | Scheduled dance class
Choose payment option

You are registered!

Step 3 :  Check your email

You should have a confirmation email from us and payment confirmation. If you have any further questions please email us at

See you in class!

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